governanceAudit and Assurance

Audit and assurance services are essentially a detailed examination of financial statements and documents resulting in a comprehensive and independent analysis of your financial position and operating results. We strive to gain an in-depth knowledge of each client’s industry, operating methods and business structure to maximize the benefits clients receive from our accounting services. 

Our firm places a strong emphasis on the planning process to identify risk areas and the unique needs of your organization. We work to ensure a smooth implementation of our services with minimal disruption to your operations.
Audit and Assurance Services:

          – Independent Financial Statement Audits
          – Financial Statement Reviews
          – Cost Certifications
          – Carryover Allocations
          – Agreed Upon Procedures
          – Due Diligence
          – Cost Segregation Studies
          – Forecasts and Projections

We are distinctly aware that our clients need and expect much more than just a historical financial statement. We utilize our experience to anticipate problems and take advantage of opportunities. It is value added service that separates us from other accounting firms.



Tax Consulting

We take great pride in our responsive and innovative tax services. Tax planning and structuring is one of the major areas of practice for the firm. By combining our tax planning with your business transactions we provide clients with a host of beneficial options that result in a favorable tax position for your organization.

Tax Planning and Research

Virtually all financial transactions have tax ramifications on the federal, state and/or local level.  The goal at our firm is to minimize all tax effects with a pro-active approach to the tax planning process. With a careful, detailed analysis of the desired results, transactions can be structured to achieve optimum results to relevant tax laws. Attention to current regulations and proposed changes assures a complete and accurate analysis.

Tax Compliance

Federal, state and local tax returns are prepared by experienced personnel. Utilizing the latest technology and resources, including electronic filing, returns are completed efficiently to provide a quality product in a timely and cost effective manner.



Business Consulting

We provide a variety of services to maximize business potential including strategic planning, litigation support, capital market transactions, and other deal and entity related matters.

Business Plans

A strong business plan is a key element in the success of a business. We can analyze and prepare a concise, powerful business plan for start-up ventures, as well as, modify and update a business model for established companies that may be experiencing stagnation or wish to ascend to new levels of economic growth.

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow is the life blood of all business. Every decision that is made in a successful company must adhere to the constraints of available capital and projected cash flow.  Our firm has success developing cash flow models, building cash controls, monitoring systems, and evaluating financial ratios in order to implement procedures to improve budgets and cash flow.

Forecasts & Projections

Financial forecasts and projections are continuing to become more important in all aspects of business. Utilizing our extensive experience, we assist in preparing forecasts and projections relating to financing, mergers, sales, acquisitions, business valuations and planning.

Other Business Consulting Services

          – Litigation Support
          – Mergers and Acquisitions
          – Bankruptcy Planning and Reorganization
          – Real Estate Portfolio Analysis and Valuation
          – Workout Negotiations
          – Controllership Services
          – Information Systems and Computer Selection
          – Capital Formation and Financing Strategies